Monday, April 4, 2011

Great West Wing Moments - The Secret Service Nightmare Scenario

Editor's Note: Words by Frustra Data.

It is understood that U.S. Presidents are in constant threat of danger. History has shown us that it is possible to get close enough to the President to cause harm, and that Secret Service is not infallible. But this next segment shows us what the President father really fears.

How many stories have we come across where the hero feels that no one could possibly harm him with his abilities/skills/determination, only to have the villain kidnap or hurt someone that our hero wasn’t even thinking of? Its not an uncommon story arc, and as a plot device, always catches our attention. Spiderman’s weakness was MJ Watson, Superman’s was the entire population of Metropolis. President Josiah Bartlett has his youngest daughter Zoey.

The setup: Zoey is in town in this episode, all of 19 and ready to enroll in Georgetown for the start of her college life. After an unfortunate but awesome/hilarious bar incident, she has to talk to her dad about security. Young Zoey is already frustrated with Secret Service, and her over-protective father is issuing her more security. She feels the need to voice her displeasure to daddy. What she gets is nothing short of one of TV’s most powerful monologues, played masterfully by Martin Sheen.

I watched through this episode again simply to see this little explosion, and realized that I, like President Bartlett and even Bob Marley, would hurt all of mankind just to save my own. Watch the clip to catch a glimpse of the power of the drama in the West Wing, and leave a comment on your reaction.

I’d also like to add that this is the first of my selection of “rant” selections from the show’s great moments. If there’s anything this show does leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, its rants. Enjoy!

Secret Service Nightmare Scenario


  1. A bit cliché, but still like it!

  2. Martin Sheen...the O.G. tiger blood candidate.

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  6. sucks to be the president's daughter

  7. that's GOOD tv!

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