Monday, March 14, 2011

Silence of the Bees

 I saw this documentary last night on PBS. It's called "Silence of the Bees". The film explores the importance of bees to our ecosystem, as well as the reason as to why the bees are slowly becoming extinct.

To a simpleton such as myself, I never really cared for bees. I thought of them as hostile and dangerous bugs. I've never been stung, but I did have to pee on a chick's leg before. I didn't actually whip it out and pee on her leg, I used a cup. C'mon, give me some points for keeping it gentleman like.

I never thought of how important this little insect was until I saw this documentary. What tripped me out was, in China, there are these pear farmers who have no bees in their region, so they have to pollinate the trees themselves. What took a couple hours for a million bees, took weeks for a handful of human workers. The thing was, the bees were free, humans weren't. Well, I'm not sure about China labor laws, so don't quote me boy.

Another thing I found funny was that the American scientists were blaming the Australian bees for killing off the entire bee population. The Aussies were not amused. So to combat the problem, they're looking into cross breeding bees from different countries. But I think the last time they did that, they gave birth to what is now known as the "Killer Bee".


Well, if it means breeding another monster bee, go ahead and get it done Science. We're depending on you.

A snippet from the episode is here. You can watch the show in its entirety at [link]


  1. When was the last time a bee did something for me

  2. had no idea we were in a bee crisis

  3. This looks interesting, I think we'll be in trouble if all the bees die off.

  4. It's an odd concept at first, but bees are extremely important to life on Earth. I saw a similar documentary a while back.

  5. I hope not... I like honey too much :O

  6. looks real interesting. The ecosystem is a delicate thing.

  7. I read about this problem of bee shortage a while back!

  8. wow didn't know bees were going extinct

  9. LOL@"I've never been stung, but I did have to pee on a chick's leg before."
    nice quotable.

    seeing that i'm a PBS nerd, i've actually seen this doc.
    definitely some enlightening shit.

    the title could also be used for a documentary about how the change in RZA's production style/schedule led to the decline of the Wu. just a thought.

  10. That is very worrying. I've heard a lot about it. If you like eating, then you want bees around.

  11. I've never been stung by a bee and cross my fingers,never will! Still, we kind of need the little bastards so I hope they don't all up and die.

  12. @Eye

    I never thought about it, but yeah.


    Truer words have never been spoken.