Saturday, June 11, 2011

Current Rotation: Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitar

I first heard this song on a TV ad. I thought it was a Target ad, but after a quick google search it was actually a Windows Phone ad. It wasn't until they were featured on The Smoking Section, did I finally put a face to the song.

The hard pounding kick drums, the claps, and the filthy sounding guitar is what I find the most appealing about this song. The screaming female lead vocal, and it makes me want to go around kicking puppies and throwing cinder blocks through pizza shop windows.

My only problem with the song is the lyrics:

Deaf chords, dead ends
Sling set can't meet their demands
Dumb whores, best friends
Infinity guitars, go 'head

Street wars, straight men
Cowboys, Indians
Red souls, red friends
Infinity guitars, go 'head

I don't know, maybe it's too deep for me. But the tune is catchy though, which why I listen to it.


  1. I've so much good stuff/hype about this group but I just can't ever seem to get into them.

  2. yeah...i'm a fan.
    thanks for putting the video up. didn't even know there was one!

  3. I find microsoft's ads to be the most weird and interesting.