Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Conversations

My drunk uncle told me a joke the other day. Of course I was drunk too, but I can recall the main point of the story.

An old lady walks into a waiting room. She feels the sudden urge to bust a fart, but her old body couldn't hold it in. So she lets it go, and takes a seat. She turns to the a guy sitting next to her and says, "Good thing I didn't make any noise." The guy turns to her and says,"Maybe you need to change the battery in your hearing aid."

Thank you for wasting your time here.


  1. Ahahahhaha, good one! :D


  2. loooool xD i laughed a lot, thank you :)

  3. Thanks, I thought that joke could only be enjoyed through the influence of alcohol.

  4. LMFAOOOOO!!! Haha that was a good one bro. Following for more!

  5. hahahaha.

    I'm a recovering-recovering alcoholic.

  6. lol, thats a good one

  7. a guy walks into a bar
    he spots a pretty lady
    "hey lady can i buy you a drink"
    "sure but you won't like me"
    "i'm a lesbian"
    "what's that?"
    "see that girl over there? i want to take her and fuck her savagely"
    "i think i'm a lesbian too"

    it's only funny because an 80 year old homeless man told it to me

  8. @Maus-c

    I'll have to remember to tell my uncle that one. He kinda looks like an 80 year old homeless man, but I imagine my uncle has more teeth than your homeless friend.