Sunday, February 6, 2011


Grandma's Boy is about this 30 something year old game tester who is forced to live with his grandma and her 2 old roommates after being evicted from his apartment. It's not a bad movie actually, it's pretty funny. Typical Happy Madison movie.

1. Majority of gamers don't have social lives.
2. Grey bush is a fitting term for an old guy.
5. Weed dealers are cool as hell.
6. "You can get past a dog, but no one fucks with a lion."
7. You can't raise your voice when a lion is around.
8. If you live with your parents after the age of 23, they're no longer your parents, they're your roommates.
9. ALWAYS Lock the door before spanking the monkey.

10. Do not name future daughter Laura.

11. Did not know Jonah Hill (Superbad, Take Him To The Greek) was in this movie

12. Grandmas are awesome.

13. Bongs make good vases
14. Beer, cereal, and chips go good with weed.
15. There are geeks in the world who dress like they're in the matrix

16. You can teach a monkey Tae Kwon Do
17. Old ladies with short hair dos are cougars
18. Wear oven mitts when handling hot trays
19. Vegans are sensitive about what they eat
20. Some of the shirts were made by J!NX Clothing

Real games advertised in the movie:
1. Guilty Gears X
2. Fight Night
3. GTA: San Andreas
4. City of Heroes
5. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
6. Dance Dance Revolution
7. Lineage II
8. Halo 2
9. Resident Evil 4

Fake Games:
1. Canada Must Die
2. Eternal Death Slayer1 , 2, 3
3. Ninja Blood Orgy
4. Unicorn Derby
5. Gay Robot
6. Fadrian's Quest


  1. I'd play a game called Unicorn Derby.

  2. Lol @ grandmas are awesome. Followed

  3. Love this movie, I've seen it a dozen times haha.

  4. Hahaha, I actually agree with a lot of these :p

  5. LMFAOO definitly going to look for this movie next time I want to see one! Thanks!

  6. When I saw that guilty gear advertisement I went off the wall I love midnight carnival.

  7. one of my all time favourite stoner movies :D


  8. Hahahah Canada must die, best game eva!

  9. lol this movie is so funny